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The tasting room was built with a focus on authentic hospitality and a great experience, just like the little tasting bar Dan visited with his family in Southern Italy four decades ago. It was a memorable experience and one Dan and Cindy would like you to enjoy here! We have seven beautiful areas to enjoy while you drink and dine with us.

“We want people to feel like they’re coming to an Oasis,” says Dan. “We’re twelve minutes from the Medford Airport and one mile from the beautiful community of Jacksonville. We’re 25 minutes to Ashland. We’re close. We’re really close. And as you drive down the vine-lined driveway toward the estate, you can feel the stress begin to fade away. It’s pretty unique.”

The DANCIN winery and tasting room are set magnificently on the forested foothills of Southern Oregon overlooking the Rogue Valley, one of the most unique terroirs in the winemaking world. You’ll imagine that you have been transported to Piedmont or Burgundy, or both!

Dan says they have several areas to enjoy, each with their own personality, but they’ve all been built with the aim of bringing people together. 

"The ambiance is very welcoming, where you can breathe in your surrounds, taking some time to relax and letting us serve you.”